This is the website of me, Anastasia Katharina Schöck, music producer, consultant and supervisor.

I am here to help you with any struggles about the use of the right music for your project. Which music should you use? Do you want to let something be composed for your own unique vision? And what about the clearing processes? I can fix it for you!

After my studies in systematical musicology at the university of Hamburg with great focus on music psychology and law, I decided to move over to Berlin to become part of Germany’s music business: I was working in different fields, starting in marketing and finally coming to the sync department of a music publishing company. There, I stayed for the last 5 years as Head of Creative Services, taking care of finding and licensing the right music for different projects and clients, from advertising to film.

If you have any specific ideas or questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.

14. April 2018